Battery Service

battery service

To help you get where you need to be, your Honda needs a reliable battery. At Andy Mohr Honda, we want to help drivers in Bloomington, Ellettsville, and Bedford start your car properly every time. That’s why we have a large inventory of fully charged Honda batteries in our parts center.

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Genuine Honda Batteries

As a Honda dealership, our parts center has a dynamic selection of genuine Honda OEM parts. These are designed specifically to be the perfect fit for your vehicle. By installing the highest quality replacement parts, you’ll get a more dependable performance from your car.

We also have a team of highly trained Honda technicians in our service center. They’ll be able to check your voltage levels, charge your battery, and replace it for you if you need a new one.

Is it My Battery or My Alternator?

Signs It’s Your Battery Signs It’s Your Alternator
Low crying noise Brief growling sound before your car shuts off
You can jump-start the car just once Burning rubber smell
It’s been over 4-5 years with current battery Dashboard lights flicker

Honda Batteries Warranty

battery warning lightWhen you need a need car battery, the Honda battery warranty can help you out. For the first three years after you buy a Honda, this warranty covers all your batteries for you. Whether your car battery shows signs of damage or it can’t hold a charge, your new one is on us.

We can still help you cover some of the cost of a new battery after 36 months, too. The amount we credit you on a new battery depends on how long you’ve been driving your Honda and visiting our service center. Between 37 and 45 months after you’ve purchased the vehicle, we’ll still cover up to 60% of the cost for you.

The Honda battery warranty is our way of helping our loyal customers and saying thank you for trusting us with your Honda.

Battery Coupons

battery repairIf you need a last-minute battery replacement, be sure to check our service coupons on our website. We rotate these specials often, so get your service now before our specials change! You can save money on your next repair or replacement near Bloomington, IN, today.

Honda Battery Service

Visit Andy Mohr Honda when you need to pick up a new battery or get yours replaced. Our technicians are proud to offer Honda battery checks and replacement service to drivers in Bloomington, Ellettsville, and Bedford.