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Honda tiresAt Andy Mohr Honda, we know the importance of a good set of tires. They help move your car and slow it down safely around Bloomington, Ellettsville, and Bedford. That’s why it’s crucial to get a new set of tires when needed. At our tire shop, we’ll give you some peace of mind by offering a high-quality selection of discount tires. Continue reading to learn all about them and contact us to get some for your Honda.

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Why Order Tires From Andy Mohr Honda?

  1. Lowest Price Guarantee*
  2. Popular Brands (Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, Firestone, etc.)
  3. Expert installation

Getting a New Set of Tires Honda tires

There are instances when a simple tire repair is needed, like if tire pressure is low or the tires need to be rotated. However, if they’ve endured a great deal of damage (like cracks and blisters or dry rot), then they’ll need to be replaced.

At our tire shop, you’ll find tires that are the right match for your vehicle. We offer lots of brands, such as Bridgestone and Goodyear. Plus, we’ll make sure it’s the right size and type for your car.

The necessary information can be found on the driver’s doorjamb. Along with size, that includes:

  • Load range
  • Speed rating
  • Maximum cold tire pressure rating

If you replace your old tires with ones of a different size or construction, it could cause certain parts of the car to work incorrectly. However, we’ll help prevent that from happening by using tires that are made for your car. Plus, the tires meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, so you can rest assured that they’ll help keep you safe on the road.

Tire Specials

tire replacement

Not only do we expertly match tires to your car, but we also offer them at an affordable rate. In fact, our discount tires give you peace of mind without compromising on quality.

However, we offer more than just discounts on a new set of tires. We also have specials on several services, including wheel alignments and tire rotations. Whatever you need to help keep your new tires in tip-top shape, we’ll provide it.

Plus, our service and parts specials in general rotate occasionally. So, you’ll want to double-check what we’re offering before scheduling a tire repair or replacement.

How Often Should I Replace My Tires?

Honda Accord 2018Now that you know all about our tire shop, you may be wondering how often a new set of tires is needed. It’s actually hard to tell how long tires last when a variety of things can damage them, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Driving on damaged roads
  • Extended exposure to sunlight
  • Using summer tire of snow and ice
  • Using tires on damaged wheels

Due to all these factors, your tires should be checked out regularly at a service center. However, they should really be thoroughly inspected at least once a year after you’ve reached the 5-year mark. After 10 years, they should be replaced regardless of their condition.

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***Rebate available on select tire brands and models only. While quantities last. Mail-in rebate applies only for the periods indicated by tire manufacturer. Mail-in rebate must be submitted by deadline indicated by tire manufacturer and in accordance with the rules stated on the rebate form. Full mail-in rebate details are available directly from individual tire manufacturer, which is subject to individual tire manufacturer’s conditions which may change at any time without notice. See your Honda dealer for details.